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2 min readMar 24, 2024


The key point here is 'for me'.

As I said in my probably overly long response, when I have a photography gig to do, I usually get the images I intend to take clear in my mind first. I then figure out the gear I need and location, then I go shoot. After I've shot I do stuff in post to get to the final images.

I use AI the same way. I get an image in my mind that I want to make. I think about how to make it. What prompt might work. What control net to use. What Lora to use. What extensions to use. Etc. Same as when I'm choosing lenses, light, reflectors, etcetera.

Then I run the AI and it does not give me the image I want. So I start varying things slightly till I get to the image. Same as I do when I shoot.

Then when I am close to the image I want, I go to Affinity Photo and adjust levels, white balance. Healing brush some bits. Clone some bits. Nudge some bits. etcetera.

And then I get my final image. So did I make a photo? I can make photos in AI, but my interest is the stuff I can't do with my camera. I'm interested in the drawing and art side because I never got very good at it myself.

I write, and my goal is to illustrate my books.

I could go shoot and try to illustrate that way. I can shoot and use those images with AI to get the extra sci fi stuff into them. Or I can sketch and use AI to help me.

AI helps me get to the final image the same way that my Sony and Nikon gear does.

I'm trying to convince anyone to see an AI image as anything more or less than it is, but now you've got an insight into why, for me, it feels the same as photography.



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