The future of jobs..

I have been thinking that white collar would disappear before blue collar for a long time. White collar works in a very controlled, mostly virtual space. Blue collar deals with magpies and thunderstorms and fog and all the other randomness of the real world.

The thing I think is true is this: the general population won't rear up to fight this menace because the majority won't notice it's happening.

I could be a bot right now. This article could be the product of GPT 3. No one will know or be able to tell the difference unless a truly human thing like, and now we cut to our sponsor, Easter brand eggs, thank you for the amino acid packed goodness Ms Chicken, and back to the article, that happens. The only thing humans might think to do is something truly random, and for the majority of use cases, random isn't necessary, and would probably be damaging (e.g. a legal document).

Given an AI has access to substantially more data than the average white collar human, in a lot of cases it will probably produce a superior result too.

So what I wonder about the future of jobs is, will we white collar folk find ourselves driving buses in difficult traffic, helping to prune trees, doing all sorts of blue collar stuff because the robots aren't (yet) up to the task? Primarily because without a universal basic income, the displaced workers still have to find work, and it has to be something the machines can't do, because anything the machines can do, they will do better and cheaper than us meat bags in most cases.

Life has so many questions. So many issues. So much potential. I occasionally have thoughts that might help you. I hope I can. Peace Out humans.