I'll start with my position being I don't believe in God, but want to say that I thought your article was very well written and I am pleased that there are people like you that have a realistic view of where God might fit into the Universe, and how we primates don't really understand him/her/it.

Seems to me, as you've said, that if there's a God, then that God would say unto humanity, "I am".

I guess the ones that are dead sure God is a him also struggle with the fact (as I understand) that Jesus was a middle Eastern man and thus probably very brown. Brown skin, hair and eyes. Definitely a nice bloke, but not blonde with blue eyes and pink skin.

And it is articles like yours that I enjoy, not because I want to learn more about one of the many gods, but because I want to learn more about religion and the way it works.

Thank you for enlightenment.

Life has so many questions. So many issues. So much potential. I occasionally have thoughts that might help you. I hope I can. Peace Out humans.