I really thought the rumour that ports were coming back was rubbish. Why would Apple give up an income stream like docks and dongles?

I figured ports were gone so they could make a thinner lighter machine.

Then the ports came back and the machine got heavier, but also more useful.

So it will be interesting to see which way they go. The M1 family of chips will do lots of groovy things for power and power consumption.

A decent keyboard came back which is awesome. The huge glass trackpad is superb (only while the software guesses correctly. Was that touch a cursor move or an accident? Then my cursor moves in my document. Dang it)

So I really wonder what more they can do.

Probably copy Surface laptops.

Make the screen dock.

Make it sensitive to gestures.

Except that sounds like an iPad pro to me.

So all I want for Christmas is for Monterey to run on an iPad pro, and for the iPad Pro to offer a proper keyboard with an extra battery in it.

When I'm docked, I have an MBP.

When I'm not docked I have an iPad.

That's the direction I want to see them go.

Life has so many questions. So many issues. So much potential. I occasionally have thoughts that might help you. I hope I can. Peace Out humans.