Only Darren
2 min readSep 22, 2022


I don't live in your country, but the orange man worries me nonetheless.

I watch crime after crime occur and lie after lie occur, and the thing we know is true is that people are rarely moved by facts.

Humans are emotional creatures. The republican base that follow the orange man are faeces throwing chimps, and any attack on the orange man will only bolster their resolve to stick with him.

To turn away from him requires a level of cognitive dissonance they aren't prepared to tolerate.

They are angry at the way the country runs. Angry that most of the country's money lives with a select few at the top who pull all the strings.

And thus there is no universal healthcare. There is no social security safety net. Money isn't spent on infrastructure.

Now did the orange man do anything to improve their situation while he was prez? no he didn't. He did what he could to help his cronies. Even while he was still president he said, re-elect me and I'll fix everything. He seemed to forget he was already prez and could fix everything right then. He ran for re-election as if he wasn't already the prez.

The reason the country didn’t collapse fully, because he never actually did the job of president, was only the momentum of the White House staff that kept the country running for the four years.

And if the orange man had been just a tiny fraction smarter, he would have succeeded in stealing the election. It was only that he surrounded himself with incompetent sycophants that let him lose. He nearly succeeded in dismantling the US Postal service. He did manage to infect the judiciary with people loyal to his ramblings.

Even now, with his collection of confidential documents that he kept for himself so he could sell some secrets, he had a judge on his side.

And I am certain his recent move of boxes of documents to a plane was him shifting more secret stuff around, because he doesn't care about the USA, he only cares about ways to make money. Selling secrets makes him money.

Such a strange world we live in at the moment.



Only Darren

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