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1 min readMay 24, 2024


Good short article that highlights a problem we'll all be facing the ramifications of soon.

A single image of a person can be animated to look like that person is speaking.

15 secs of voice is enough to clone someone's voice.

Yep, we are moving to a time when once again we can't trust anything we see or hear on the Internet.

This means the truth will disappear and at the same time fake rubbish will influence millions.

And in the USA there is a vaguely important election due. Last one had Russian interference, so this one will.

One of the contestants is an orange man who is on trial for hiding the truth from the public and who ended up winning an election by a very narrow margin. We can be pretty sure a lot of fake stuff will be generated to help him get back into the seat where he will continue to reek havoc in all likelihood.

The social media algorithms make sure we only see what supports our world view, and anything that supports our world view won't be questioned.

So I can see a very troubled world ahead.

Lots of folks losing their jobs to AI.

Lots of folks losing their homes because of weather events getting ever more energetic.

Lots of folks losing their jobs to embodied AI, i.e. the robots are coming.

Strange times ahead. And in the very very near future.



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