Good article.

I really really doubt that the World will become a bunch of tiny nations.

The big nations are like big corporations. They want their citizens to look outward and blame others for any issues.

The big nations also want resources.

The big nations also want to make sure other nations do things their way. Culture is a big deal. To anyone in any culture, the way they do it is 'natural' and everything else is a bit weird. The biggest nations will all fight to make their normal the only normal.

Then you have the fact nations are eventually run by narrowminded humans who, as I said above, have their version of 'normal'.

No Chinese politician can conceive of a way of doing things that isn't Chinese.

While no American can properly imagine doing something any way other than the American way.

This is true of the French, Germans, English, Australians, Japanese, etcetera.

And on top of this layer of constructed nations is corporate interests.

They have a strong say in influencing the way the world works.

So a great article, but there's not the slightest change that the world will get lots of tribal nations all happy to co-exist.

Most neighbours struggle to coexist. Most clubs are full of infighting. Most political groups spend their time being too political.

Most humans just can't get along because anything that isn't their way of doing things is considered wrong, and an effort is always made to change it rather than learn to live with it or embrace it.

Life has so many questions. So many issues. So much potential. I occasionally have thoughts that might help you. I hope I can. Peace Out humans.