Everyone has already commented that it is a horrific situation that should be changed, but that there was little the journalists could actually do.

The thing is though, consider the outrage we feel that this situation exists. Can we do anything for that little girl? No. But does our awareness of the situation increase the chance that one day something will be done for all the little girls? Yes.

Right now people eat bushmeat because they are starving. They eat monkeys and gorillas and other creatures that are close to us on the scale of life. For those lucky enough to be able to walk to the shops and buy food, we consider this horrid. Yet what would we do in the same situation if we had no shops and food was only what we could catch?

All over the world different cultures do stuff that other cultures consider abhorrent.

I'd like to see a cultural standard set for the planet that includes the idea that kids aren't to be used as sexual objects.

But I'd also like to see a standard set that says waste food can't be just chucked out because it doesn't have the right shape for the spoiled shoppers. I'd like to see the world cooperate with itself to feed everyone. I'd like to see the world stop spending its time fighting over resources. I'd like to see the world stop fighting over the different rules of the various magic sky people.

None of that is going to happen anytime soon. In all likelihood, humans will stay tribal, angry, scared, selfish, us/them, chimpanzees right up until we are born genetically engineered to be different, or we stop existing because we've made the planet unliveable.

Life has so many questions. So many issues. So much potential. I occasionally have thoughts that might help you. I hope I can. Peace Out humans.