That is an interesting point.

My feeling is this;

If your virtual environment lets you live a different life to your own, then it is a game.

If your virtual environment lets you live aspects of your current life, then it is a tool.

I think Meta is trying to make a tool. A place to meet friends. A place to have meetings. A place to do interesting stuff.

I also think people want escape. They want game space. They'll want avatars that are not how they currently look. To me that is edging into game space.

I think the Zuck and his Meta dream is a bit loose in his head. I don't think he really knows what he is trying to do.

In the end though it will be the market that decides.



Having chatted with a few bots, and chatted with a few humans, I've learned that words are insufficient to know one way or the other if the thing I'm talking to is conscious.

Given the average human does a lot of their thinking by talking to themselves, and given that LaMDA does a lot of talking to itself to perfect its conversation, it is possible (although only remotely) that a machine such as this might develop a level of consciousness.

Did it? I doubt it. But to rule out the possibility just because we struggle to define consciousness is being a bit premature.

One day consciousness will arrive in a machine, and in all likelihood we will not know. We will have a machine that does all the things a fish does, but we will continue to doubt its fishiness.

Interesting times ahead.



I picked up his biography in a book swap on a corner.

Then a bit later picked up the book you just reviewed in a book swap in a coffee shop in a town out in the boonies.

There is nothing like reading a book about space by someone whose been there and done it. I haven't finished it yet, but it has been good so far.

I had to finish Andy Weir's Project Hail Mary first.

Now that's a good book.




Although I've read all that before, the fat and salt that constitutes my brain has never been able to hold it. I am glad other people's computational unit can hold it and tell me again.

I also suspect I may be just an NPC and as such have not been assigned enough active memory from the simulation framework.

I've subscribed so that I get a chance to try to hold this in my head again later. I doubt that it will stick though.

Next would be how gravity is an illusion.

Also how time dilation works and how time isn't constant everywhere.

And maybe time is just a dimension of space and doesn't exist as a discrete thing at all.



Darren Hughes

Darren Hughes

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