It seems to me as an outsider of the USA that the USA has been on a bit of empire building rant for many decades. Positioning itself as a bit of a World Police and doing all sorts of nasty stuff because it has American interests at heart. The CIA and drugs. The stuff that happened in South America. The amount of place where America has stuck its nose in is quite a long list.

The fact China is doing nasty stuff is not a new thing, anymore than the fact America also continues to do nasty stuff.

Seems to me, the best way to get a message across to another country is to go there and share the message. Boycotting China won't achieve much from a communications perspective, so I'm not entirely sure that's the right path to take.

Just my twenty cents. Good article.

Well said.

I have a few people I follow who highlight the entirety of every article they like. Drives me mental. I can't find a setting called 'don't show me highlights'.

I don't want to know what someone else thinks is important. I want to decide for myself.

If anyone knows a way to stop seeing highlights, please tell me.

So far I've just unfollowed the highlighters, because then I stop seeing their input.

So for those that care about having followers, be aware that some of us will unfollow you if you hit articles hard with your desire to emphasise stuff.

This was an interesting article within which nothing surprised me about the humans.

Psych people asking 'will humans be emotionally attached to their humanoid robots?' shouldn't bother. People assign intention to the random malfunctions of their car.

You article just confirms for me that the future holds a point where some relationship disfunction will be because someone is upset about someone else's love interest, which will be a robot.

Some people marry trees, so the idea that a thing that can respond intelligently will be loved is not much of a stretch.

If the responding thing can cross the uncanny valley then it will be a certainty (especially given Japan's obsession with female looking robots in pop-culture, combined with a world increasingly filled with lonely people).

Darren Hughes

Life has so many questions. So many issues. So much potential. I occasionally have thoughts that might help you. I hope I can. Peace Out humans.

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